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The branders is a team specialized in branding/design and manufacturing. But we did a q&a so you get to know us better 🙂 what do we do? It is quite simple, we think we can do almost anything 🙂 but certainly what we do best is branding and customizing items. The truth is that we felt a real need for companies to buy cool branded products 🙂 so, whether you are a small brand and you need a team for handling the hardest part of your business, which is manufacturing, here we are, we can manufacture any kind of item for your brand, you only have to deal with reselling & other stuff. Or you are a company/brand that needs branded items and promotional products for campaigns, here we are again – we have the coolest products available for customization in the market. For companies are you looking for promotional items to giveaway to your customers or employees so they can remember your brand? We have the right solution for you. Promotional items or corporate gifts are an effective way to make your brand memorable. As you already know, they can be distributed in stores, at fairs or at any type of promotional event. Although we live in a digital age, we like to believe that objects remain an important part and we will always associate them with emotions and experiences. Promotional items allow your brand to stand out from your competitors as people keep them for a long time. We think that your campaigns would be worth more than a few personalized pens 🙂 so, we thought of creating a special line of products that can be customized with your logo/design or pattern. We have included bomber jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, shirts, shorts, handbags, backpacks, jewelry & many more. We like simple things and the good part is that the prices are standard and only variable based on quantities. We like transparent things, so you have access to the prices and all of the information at any time. And yes, we also thought about the small details of your products – we can take care of labels, packaging and other small details that can help you. The items are manufactured entirely by us, right here. And they can be customized in infinite variants. We can manufacture any custom clothing item, just let us know. And yes, we can also design your graphics/patterns – we can create the perfect visual content for your ongoing campaign, in case you are having doubts about customization. And besides all this, we thought also about other things – so we are here & on point for everything that means fashion design, product customization, packaging/branding design and manufacturing. Sooo, we have a creative team, don’t we? 🙂 who our customers are? Basically, our customers are companies that want cool and customizable products for ongoing campaigns. We also make small quantities, so don’t worry, our prices are standard and you can find them on the description of each product. For items that are not available on the website or items that require full customization, please send us a hello at and we will get back with an answer asap. In most of the cases, is it possible to manufacture any type item, so if you have a cool idea, let’s chat. No more boring custom items, we do magic & we fresh. Having already our own clothing brand active on the market, we realized the real need of other brands and companies to have access to premium customizable products, and not necessarily premium, but also cool. After a long analysis, we made a selection of our fav products that are available for customization. You can find them all here 🙂 how do you order? Just as simple as it is, you can contact us at or you can send us a message here 1. Send us an email with the desired product, quantity and also your design or you can send us more details about your project if you need a custom pattern designed by our team 2. We will send you a mock-up so you can check up how your design looks like on the item – on request we can manufacture a sample – the cost of the sample it will be deducted later on from the total of the placed order (moq 200 pcs) 3. You will approve all the details and we can discuss further on about the delivery time and we can start the manufacturing process 🙂 depending on the quantity and the type of the product, the actual production time may differ, but we estimate a general time of 5-40 working days from the confirmation. In order to start the production process, we will need an advance of 50% of the total amount of your order, the rest of the amount will be paid upon delivery 4. At the end of the manufacturing process, we pack all the items individually and prepare them for delivery – they can be shipped to any address or they can be picked up by you from our headquarters in bucharest 5. & thats it! Now you can enjoy your new custom items 🙂




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