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Milky fashions is one of bangladesh’s leading sourcing agent of apparel, distributing to major retailers and importers across world wide. Established in 2002 as a privately owned and operated family business, milky fashions has consistently delivered fashion merchandise that meets the highest standards for quality, style, and value. Our head office is located in the heart of dhaka’s vibrant fashion area. Our modern, 5000-square-foot facility houses, talented fashion merchandisers along with retail and manufacturing experience as well as support staff who constantly test and inspect apparel to customer specifications and ensure on-time delivery. A strong vision focused on passion : since day one, the main focus of our company has always been to create high quality designs and cutting-edge fashions in tune with consumers and their ever-changing needs. In the course of our steady growth, we have never lost sight of the principles upon which the company was founded. Our best advocates are our loyal customers who, year after year, continue to give us their support, referrals and valued business. A social responsibility : from where we stand, social responsibility goes hand in hand with everything else we do. Three fundamental beliefs underpin our thinking. Eco-friendly design : our company strives to ensure that all our products and processes comply with the environmentally friendly standards being adopted worldwide. Ethical sourcing : branded products as well as suppliers are selected for their eco-friendly and socially responsible practices–everything from raw materials to safe working conditions and fair employee compensation. We ensure that all our suppliers operate in the compliance with local labor laws. Factory audits : we partner with external auditors who visit all of our suppliers on a yearly basis to ensure compliance with standards established by the fair labor association. A human-centered approach : milky fashions has grown on the strength of a team whose members work together to create the highest quality goods and apparel in the established time frame. We believe our clothing speaks for itself in that it communicates style, versatility, reliability, and flexibility. We have been a leader in the business for the last 15 years and have secured an excellent reputation in the garment world. We handle production, design, management, and communication. And because we change manufacture to develop all types of apparel, we don’t consider ourselves as specialists in any single area, but rather as experts in all.





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